Udawalawe National Park

Located 112 miles (180 km) from Colombo in south-central sector of the island – Udawalawe National Park is the sixth largest animal sanctuary of Sri Lanka. With the resemblance of an African game park, Udawalawe National Park   spreads over an area 30,821 providing home for thousands of fauna & flora as well as diverse tropical birds & animals.

Being popular as the best place to observe wild elephants at their natural habitat, at the Udawalawe National Park the visitors will have a better chance of spotting herds of elephants splashing in the surrounding natural ponds & rivers of the reserve.If it is a safari you may spot other animals in the park including water buffalo, wild boar, spotted deer, sambur deer, jackal, samber, black-naped hare, mongooses, bandicoots, foxes, the endemic toque macaque and gray langers. If you are lucky you might be able to see a leopard and other smaller cats, such as fishing cat and jungle cat during the safari adventure.LEARN MORE


Beauty of Wildlife

Experience Sri Lanka’s natural wilderness in all its raging glory, it’s untamed beauty, and it’s unmatchable splendor at Udawalawe. Teaming up with other service providers, we organize jeep safari to Udawalawe National Park for our guests.

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